North Down GP

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A1 / A2
1 Fraser Duncan Eurocycles
2 James McMaster Curran Racing ST
3 Brian McCrystal Cuchullainn ST
4 Alistair McAuley Phoenix CC ST
5 Connor Hanna NDCC @6″
6 Brian Stewart Phoenix CC @4’54”
7 Mark Buchanan North Pole ST
8 Glen Kinning East Antrim CC ST
9 Gary Jeffers East Tyrone ST
10 Gary Cranston East Antrim CC ST
Race cancelled on penultimate lap due
to A4 crash in finish area. Best wishes
to the 2 riders involved.
1 Sean McIntyre Shelbourne Orchard
2 Sean Carey NDCC @1:18
3 Andrew Gregg NDCC ST
4 Michael Scullion Carn Wheelere ST
5 Eugene Power Omagh Wheelers ST
6 Aaron Hanthorn Shelbourne Orchard ST
7 Daniel Purdy Banbridge CC ST
8 Chris Hutchinson Team Madigan ST
9 Andy Young NDCC ST
10 Paul Stenson Team Madigan ST
1 Clare Oakley WXC Mtb Team
2 Roisin Kennedy Adamstown Cycling ST
3 Judith Russell Phoenix ST
4 Hayley Priestley Lanterne Rouge @26″
5 Janine McNally NDCC ST
6 Louise Togneri NDCC @29″
7 Rachael Mithcell NDCC @46″
OVER 50s
1 Phil Beattie Banbridge CC
2 Martin Lyttle NDCC
3 Ian Cochrane Banbridge CC
4 Michael Tolan Phoenix CC
5 Ian Blayney NDCC
6 Brendan McAllister Glens CC
7 Clive Bailey Bikeworks
1 Declan Mullholland Clann Eireann
2 James Mulligan Newry Wheelers
3 Evan Donaghue Four Masters
4 Rossa Docherty Four Masters
5 Adam Bloomfield Kings Moss
1 Harvey Barns East Tyrone
2 Liam Wilson Clann Eireann
3 Harry Dow NDCC
4 Ethan Flevall Clann Eireann
5 Adam Preece NDCC
1 Molly McLarnon NDCC
2 James Mulholland Clann Eireann
3 Ruairi Grimes Clann Eireann
Unfortunately this race took a wrong
turn and Erin O’Neill CECC continued
on the correct course before stopping –
sorry Erin