NICF-Cycling Ulster Amalgamation

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NICF Special general Meeting 14 December 2006

On the instructions of our membership at our AGM on 9 November 2006, an NICF delegation was to enter in to formal discussions with Cycling Ulster with a view to amalgamation of the two bodies.
Arising from those discussions, a Special General Meeting of the NICF is now called to vote on the proposition detailed below.

Following discussions with Cycling Ulster to explore issues arising from a possible amalgamation with them (and therefore affiliation to Cycling Ireland) a proposal document is attached, and forms the basis of this SGM.

It will also be necessary to modify or redraft the current NICF Constitution to conform with that of Cycling Ulster and this also forms part of the overall vote.

As the NICF is ALSO to affiliate to CU/CI as a club (see notes) this new `club` will also require a management committee & constitution.

(As this is a `Racing Promotions` club, a suggestion could be that the `Racing Committee` as voted at the AGM on 9/11 would continue as the management committee of this `club` and that they are tasked to draw up a suitable constitution.)

It should be noted that the attached `amalgamation` document represents the best efforts of our negotiating team, and is to be viewed as a final agreement, to be voted on as a whole package (i.e. individual points are not to be amended, altered or removed)

The general thrust is that in voting for the amalgamation, membership is accepting these proposals and also the implementation of a new constitution from Cycling Ulster.

The Proposition –

1 That the NICF member clubs accept the `amalgamation document` (attached)

2 That the NICF member clubs accept the constitution of Cycling Ulster.

3 That the NICF member clubs endorse the re-organisation of NICF (as a club – in addition to overall amalgamation with CU) with a revised constitution, charged with the task of overseeing pertinent cycling administration in Northern Ireland as detailed in the members information document.

4 That the NICF member clubs agree that the abovementioned constitution and those of the individual clubs be written to reflect the proposed amalgamation.

All points above constitute the proposition, requiring only one vote, and must be treated as such.

NICF-Cycling Ulster Amalgamation proposal

1 NICF will become affiliated to Cycling Ireland through their amalgamation with the regional body, Cycling Ulster.

2 NICF will continue to have administrative and promotional responsibilities pertaining to cycling in Northern Ireland.

3 NICF will nominate 3 members to the executive of CU.  They will remain for a period of 3 years.

4 Clubs presently affiliated to NICF will, from 1st January 2007, affiliate directly to Cycling Ireland and will enjoy the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as any other club affiliated to that body.

5 Members of these clubs will take out membership of and have race licences issued by CI.  Such licence shall bear the members preferred Nationality Code.

Explanatory notes for NICF members

In order that the amalgamation might be reflected, notepaper and promotional material will include the name NICF

NICF shall also affiliate to Cycling Ireland as a club in order to avail of the attractive insurance scheme offered for racing and therefore –

NICF shall be responsible for its own financial affairs
(and can apply for event funding from regional body just as any other CU club)

NICF shall administer competition records within Northern Ireland

NICF shall promote Northern Ireland Championships

NICF shall promote the annual Northern Ireland Time Trial Best All Rounder competition

NICF shall promote an annual Northern Ireland Roadmans’ All Rounder Competition

NICF shall nominate to the Commonwealth Games Council a list of riders selected for the NI Commonwealth Games Cycling Team

Northern Ireland Championship events will be open to all members of Cycling Ulster

Existing NICF members may join this club on a 2nd claim basis for a nominal fee (to be set by the management committee)

Clarification –
2nd claim member clubs – eg Vets Assoc & NICF (CC?)

These Clubs pay full affiliation fees to avail of race insurance.

These Clubs have 1 non-voting delegate at CU level.

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