Letter from Club Chairman & Proposed Club Kit

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I am aware of the considerable interest generated within the club about the ‘proposal’ for a new club kit. As Chairman I welcome healthy debate and trust that all members best interests is the future development of NDCC.

I want to clarify the official Committee position in relation to the proposal and quell any rumours to the contrary.

Following the proposal tabled at the recent AGM regarding proposed changes to the current cycling kit,the new Committee met on Monday 19th Oct to consider how best to take this matter forward. Our position is as follows:

1. The Committee has made no decision in relation to supporting or rejecting this proposal.
2. An EGM will be held on Friday 13 November, 7.30 pm in the clubrooms to allow the proposers to present their options for a new kit. Thereafter, all members will have the opportunity to vote for or against changing kit. Closure of voting will be Friday 20th November.
3. The Committee have not commissioned the design of a new kit. We did raise safety concerns in relation to the colour of the initial proposed new kit. The proposers were advised they may wish to consider a number of more suitable options.
4. The kit options placed on the club website by Glen Armstrong are the proposers options for change. The option for no change remains.I reiterate, the Committee have not taken a view either way and will allow the members to decide.
5.After the EGM, all club members will be asked to vote:

Do you want to change the kit (yes/no)

If so, which option (Option 1, 2, 3)

The majority vote will be carried.
6. The Committee position in relation to sponsorship is that we welcome any company or individual who wishes to support the club. Any sponsor wishing to have their logo printed on the club kit will be subject to a written agreement with the Committee for a period of 3 years. The value of such an agreement will be decided by the Committee.
The term ‘dedicated racing team’ is used, by Glen, on a number of occassions within his posting on the website. This is a term not recognised by the Committee. Every member has equal voting status. It is for the member to decide what racing licence (if any) they decide to take. I know Glen makes no intention of being elitist by using this term but merely uses it to suggest were to support base of this proposal comes from.

Finally, could I ask for all future debate on this subject to be left to the EGM were everyone who has an interest in this matter can have their say. I would hope that no one will become entrenched or devisive over this issue. We all want what is best for the club and I trust the members will support whatever the vote decides.

Hope to see you all at the Club do on 7th Nov, if not before.

Ian Blayney
Chairman NDCC

22nd October 2009

Proposal for a NDCC Dedicated Racing Section Kit

3 proposed options for a NDCC dedicated racing section kit design.


It is proposed that 1 of the 3 options will become the dedicated racing section kit of NDCC. This will be an alternative to the current kit which many racing members who race in open road races now feel it’s time that the dedicated racing section has its own kit on the grounds that the dedicated racing section needs to establish its own identity and that the current kit is too pink dominated and dated for racing.

This kit would be a further boost to previous and future success of NDCC racing members and would build on the new era of last years establishment of the dedicated racing section within NDCC which has been successfully directed by Harry Adams.

The proposed dedicated racing section kit will not show the sponsors logos of Aquatech-ni and Bokhara Bangor as they will cease sponsoring the club as from the start of 2010.

Although it is not stated in the club constitution that the club colours must be pink and black, the proposed dedicated racing section kit designs are supportive to the club history and still include pink and black within each of the proposed options.

It is proposed that 1 of the 3 dedicated racing section kit designs will be introduced in 2010 as the new kit for the dedicated racing section of NDCC.

The proposed dedicated racing section kit design options are seen to be professional looking, forward thinking and appealing to the eye.

I request that a date be set for an EGM from the committee as soon a possible so a presentation and a vote can be made on the proposed dedicated racing section kit to the NDCC club members.

Glenn Armstrong.

web: www.gacreative.net
email: glenn@gacreative.net
mobile: 07799796247


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