Club Kit – Competitive Events Requirements

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Hi all,

With the club clothing shop opening soon and the kit fitting night next Wednesday evening the following info on the requirements for club kit to be worn for competitive events might be useful for those intending to race:-

Club members taking part in any competitive event shall only be allowed compete if wearing the clubs registered jersey. Any requests for alternative kits to be worn in Cycling Ireland affiliated events must be submitted to the Board of Cycling Ireland for prior approval, this applies to all clubs whether Road or Off-Road.

Any club member taking part in a competitive event is required to adhere to the following as part of Cycling Ireland’s technical rules.


Riders belonging to a Cycling Ireland affiliated club must when competing in an open race, authorised by Cycling Ireland and organised under Cycling Ireland rules, wear the registered clothing of their affiliated club. In races where a one piece suit is normally worn and a club one piece suit is not available then the rider, with the commissaires agreement, may wear a plain one piece suit.

As regards a plain one piece suit, the only form of advertising permitted thereon is the manufacturer’s logo which must be contained within an area of 25 square cms.

Alison McMullan

Club Secretary