9 August 2011

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The Prince Needs You!

Traditionally racing in Ulster has peaked early in the season with most riders having called an end to their season after spending their Easter holidays chasing pros round back roads during the Tour of the North. In recent years however there has been a shift in priorities with many riders targeting the Paris – Katesbridge as their main goal of the year.

North Down’s top sprinter,if you exclude Ian Blayney, is unquestionably his nephew Matty and is currently the holder of this prestigious trophy. In 2010 Matty showed the field the way home taking the spoils after a frantic bunch sprint.

Victories like this are not won alone and it was only with the exceptional support of his loyal domestiques that Matty was in a position to launch his devastating sprint. Richard McCullough deserves special mention for his role in last year’s result. Having been reeled in from an ill fated break he immediately went about setting Matty up for the final sprint. Contrary to rumour Matty has not, in fact, already had his name engraved on the trophy for 2011 and knows that he’ll have to win this one the hard way.

2011 will be no different to 2010 and for North Down to hold onto this prestigious trophy Matty will again be relying upon the services of his team.

Therefore let’s put together another solid North Down Train and keep the trophy in the Blayney Cycling Centre where it belongs.

William Barclay

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