6 November 2007

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Cycling Club AGM
This Monday night’s North Down AGM will be somewhat different as the venue will be the Bokhara restaurant in King’s Street.  Although a meal is not part of the agenda there may be those who wish to either partake before or after the meeting. Either way, all North Down Cycling Club members are asked to attend what is the most important meeting of the year.  The meeting will begin at 7.30 pm and with Harry Adams in the chair and his right-hand man honorary secretary, Anthony Mitchell cracking the whip the proceedings should progress swiftly.

Anthony is a busy man these days and he has announced that the Northern Ireland Cycling Federation AGM will take place on Thursday 22 November in the Chimney Corner Hotel at 7pm. Depending on the number of North Down members attending it is proposed that the mini-bus could be used for transport to this event.
 North Down Riders in Wales
A squad of Cycling Ulster Youth riders attended a track training programme at Newport over the half-term break. The 11-rider squad was selected mainly based on their commitment to the Belfast Track throughout the year, along with results at the National Championships and theInter-Provincial Series.  Amongst those on the squad were North Down’s Rachael Mitchell, Craig Swenerton and Stuart Henry.  The team was in the capable care of experienced coaches and physios in the form of Gary McKeegan, Brian Cardy and North Down’s Anthony and Gillian Mitchell.
It was a most valuable weekend for all concerned with experience being gained behind the deny, in madisons and sprints.  For some these were totally new experiences, however they all exceeded everyone’s expectations

The trip was a well organised one, maximising on-track time for the riders. Over 10 hours of track time was used, and all put to good effect. The input from the Welsh coaches, and the contacts made were invaluable. There are now plans for some future training trips, and hopefully some competition opportunities throughout the 2008 season, with the possibility of inclusion in one of the Future Revolution events. Thanks must go to Cycling Ulster, the NICF and Sport NI who helped fund the trip – but particular thanks must go to those who gave up their weekend to look after the kids and give them the benefit of their considerable experience

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