6 August Road Race

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 1  Neil McKenna  1hr 1min 18secs
 2  Mark Kane  st
 3  Alan Lavery  st
 4  Andrew Hedley  st
 5  William Barclay  st
 6  Nathan McLeer  st
 7  Noel Boyce
 8  Liam Curran  @ 20 secs
 9  Duane McCready  DNF
 10  Gareth Boyle   DNF
 11  Jessica Laird  DNF

The race was run with two groups and a 3 minute handicap which was insufficient as the scratch group caught the first group after only one and a half laps (I will pass this valuable experience on to the race sub looking after the next race on the 20th!!!).   Conditions were dry but visibility was limited by the  grey and misty evening weather however the competitors rode a sensible race in the conditions.

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