25 May Kirkistown R2

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Kirkistown Results

Position Name  
1 Matt Adair Vitus Bikes
2 Matty Blayney 1st NDCC
3 Ross Blayney 2nd
4 Richard McCullough 3rd
5 Michael Hamilton 4th
6 Shane Farren 5th
7 Liam Curran Curran
8 Glenn Armstrong 6th
9 Sam Craig Curran
10 Matthew Richardson Shred Racing
11 Rick Newland 7th
12 Mark Hodgins 8th
13 John Bogues or Geoff Hewitt Phoenix
14 Paul Anderson 9th
15 Eric Blayney 10th
16 Brian Simpson 11th

Others may have finished but that’s all who were recorded

Well at least it didn't rain! Everything else was thrown at the 37 soles who braved Kirkistown tonight. Heavy cross-winds made each of the straights a slog with the only relief a short stretch at the bottom of the track. The groups were well split up by the finish with a lot of drop-outs along the way. Matt Adair (Vitus Bikes)- cyclo-cross champion, and Matty Blayney escaped the scratch group early on and steamed through the middle group and the limit group within a few laps. No one was able to get on their wheels and they were well clear of the remaining scratch riders at the finish. Matty did not contest the sprint as Matt had done most of the work. Ross Blayney pipped Richard McCullough for 3rd. Attached are the results as far as can be determined.

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