19 August Club Road Race Springwell Rd

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Despite heavy rain we had 20 riders and 11 marshalls at the race tonight. A front group of 3 including Ian Blayney were given a 3 minute handicap over scratch. However, 30 seconds after they started the armada arrived – 10 of our sailing members, having been directed by Richard McCullough to the wrong starting point. He should know better – idiot! So they were waved on through into the race and scratch held for a further 2 minutes before getting underway. By the end of the first lap scratch had passed the fleet and made up 2.5 minutes on the 3 limit riders who continued to hold a 45 second lead at the end of the second lap.They were eventually caught at Hightrees. A2-up sprint saw Kieran McKenna of East Antrim edge out Richard McCluuough for the win. Full results:

1 Kieran McKenna East Antrim
2 Richard McCullough 1st NDCC
3 Jack Wilson East Antrim
4 Paul Ferguson 2nd NDCC
5 Liam Curran Curran
6 Nathan McLeer 3rd NDCC
7 Ian Ingles Ards CC
8 Matty Blayney 4th NDCC
9 Ian Blayney 5th NDCC
10 Lindsay Gamble Ards CC
11 John Hunter 6th NDCC
12 Ross Blayney NDCC
13 Warren Polly NDCC
14 Mickey Forbes NDCC
15 Reggie Harris NDCC
16 Colm McLarnon NDCC
17 Garth Beattie NDCC

Thanks to the 11 marshalls who were completely soaked by the end. The road race league is now complete, with Richard McCullough and Matty Blayney tieing on 28 points. Richard edges it on most wins.

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