Cycling Etiquette superseeded by rules & regs


Cycling is intended to be a healthy and enjoyable leisure and sporting activity and in pursuit of our chosen sport it is necessary to share the roads with other road users.  You have the right to safe and enjoyable cycling on the roads and by following the recommendations in this Club Document North Down Cycling Club aim to encourage motorists, pedestrians and cyclists to establish a climate of mutual courtesy.

This Document is intended to give some useful safety suggestions primarily for Club runs and cycling in groups with the objective of reducing risks when cycling and  helping to minimise potential or perceived inconvenience to fellow road users.


A guide to cycling etiquette from Cycling Ulster can be found at the link below.

Riding Etiquette                   To download right click on link and save as.


1. Do not ride on the footway.

2. Do not cross the stop line when traffic lights are red.

3. Use cycle lanes where they exist.

4. Establish eye contact where possible with traffic waiting to pull out  at junctions.

5. Be aware of what is going on around you at all times.

6. Aim to be seen by other road users.

7. Avoid “underpassing” motorists at junctions.

8. Use hand signals to indicate your intentions.

9. Carry spare tubes, tyre levers, a pump, basic tools and a puncture repair kit.

10. Carry an identification document with an emergency contact plus details of any special medical conditions/medication.

11. When riding at night use suitable lights and high visibility reflective clothing.

12. When passing horses on the road it is recommended that you alert the horse rider that cyclists are approaching so as to avoid the horse being startled.

13. Wearing of helmets is strongly recommended.


1. Group Size – It is recommended that group size should not exceed 20.  If there are more than 20 then the run should be split into several groups separated by a time gap of  5 minutes.  This will help facilitate vehicular overtaking and maintain traffic flow.

2. Riding in a group requires concentration, always stay focussed!

3. Do not brake unexpectedly when other riders are behind you.

4. Do not free wheel when riding uphill, changing gear or when leading the group.

5. Be aware that the bike in front may “kick back” when the rider rises from the saddle on hills.

6. Warn companions of hazards for example potholes, glass and parked vehicles.

7. Do not “half wheel” your fellow riders.

8. Let others know if you have difficulties such as punctures.

9. Do not ride more than 2 abreast and ride single file where road/traffic conditions dictate the need to do so.  An orderly and tidy formation gives a better image to other road users.

10. Ride steady and in a predictable fashion avoiding sudden changes in position and pace.

11. If the group stops for whatever reason move off the road and avoid stopping at hazards such as at bends in the road.

12. Avoid conflict with other road users.

13. Do not throw litter and avoid indecent conduct along the road side or in public places.  Remember that you are an ambassador for North Down Cycling Club.


The recommendations in this Document are intended to help make your cycling safe and enjoyable.  It is essential that we as cyclists, and as a responsible Cycling Club, promote mutual courtesy with other road users, cycle sensibly and above all comply with  the law.

Any suggestions for change to this document should be made to the Club Touring Secretary, North Down Cycling Club.

Riding Etiquette              To Download right click on link and save as.